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Very sweet story that helped my child to feel comforted when he started school – which was a big change for him.

Evelyn Bookless

Perfect timing in the lead up to the roller coaster of emotions my son was feeling when he started his first day of school.

Vanessa Vershaw

An excellent tool and resource that I have used with students who are developing their emotional literacy.

Nicole Brand

Monty Bear is definitely one of the most popular books we have in our school library.

Julie Muir

The Monty Bear Story

We are the perfect blend of friends, mothers, artists and educators. As educators and parents, we have guided not only our own children, but also a countless number of children, through the challenges and changes in their lives. Children are confronted with many challenging situations such as; moving, friendships, starting new schools and changes in family life, on a daily basis. We often think children are coping well because they don’t complain, but this is because they do not have the words to voice their concerns. In this fast paced, ever-changing world, children need to develop the skills to be more resilient. However, often they are not equipped with the tools to do so.

It was after many discussions of the changes expatriate children go through and the challenges our own children had coped with, that we realized there were very few tangible resources available that could help children manage and express their feelings about change.

We felt it was important to give these feelings a ‘voice’. We wanted to empower children with the lifelong skills to be the best human beings they can be and to embrace change. It was important to us to create a resource that promoted international mindedness for children, regardless of where they lived, or what their background was.

We decided to combine our passion for early years literacy, with the classroom teddy bears we have used in the past to teach social and emotional skills. The books are based on the original Monty Bear, who is now fifteen years old and has accompanied Bec around the world as she taught in a variety of international schools. Monty Bear has delighted so many children over the years as a well-loved classroom confidant for the children to share tales of travel, laughter, sadness and friendship.

As a result, we have created a series of books that help guide and comfort children through the changes in their lives and gives them the ‘voice’ they need to express their feelings. Each book identifies two new lifelong skills that will empower children to be more emotionally self aware and resilient. This is achieved within a fun, adventure-filled story that involves Monty Bear solving a riddle as he explores a new country. As Monty travels from one country to the next, the children are exposed to different geographical locations, languages and cultures, which helps develop their international-mindedness.

The Monty Bear plush toy is a loveable, cuddly teddy bear for the children to bond with and to use as a tool to safely share their feelings, hopes, dreams, worries and adventures with.

We hope you enjoy your Monty Bear and the accompanying books and share in our vision to empower children to cope with and embrace change, seize opportunities and celebrate the amazing world we all live in.