Meet The Team

Belinda Trewartha: B.Ed (ECE) is an Early Childhood Education Specialist who is passionate about Early Years literacy and Positive Education. She began her twenty-six year teaching career in a nursery in Hong Kong. Her wanderlust continued as she travelled the world, working in small Aboriginal communities to large international schools in Asia, always with a classroom bear in tow! Belinda is the mother of two amazing daughters who have taught her so much as a teacher and a person. Sho loves seeing the world trough their eyes and seeing what an amazing world it is!

Rebecca Hamer: BA Arts Psych, Grad Dip Ed, is an Early Childhood Education Specialist with over fifteen years teaching experience in Australia, Indonesia, Russia, and Singapore. She has passion for literacy development and believes that home and school co-operation is essential in facilitating children’s literacy learning. She uses “Monty Bear” as an interactive way to engage children with all facets of literacy, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. Rebecca loves seeing students and parents from fifteen years ago who still cherish photos and stories about their real life experiences with “Monty Bear”.

Zura Johnson is an artist, from stage to page. Her work includes costume design and creating greeting cards for Constance Kay Art Cards in New York. Her art has been exhibited in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Singapore. Zura is a self proclaimed gypsy, always looking for new beginnings, from stage acting to voice acting; marriage to motherhood. She is delighted to be part of this artistic endeavor, sharing her love of travel, adventure and discovery with her children and all who wish to understand the world we share.