Wow what a whirl wind of a weekend we just had at The Asian Festival Of Children’s Content!

It was the perfect opportunity and location to launch our lil idea into reality. On Saturday May 20th we officially launched the WHERE OH WHERE IS MONTY BEAR concept with the plush bears, backpack and 2  books.

It was a manic and crazy week leading up to the launch as Bec and I are still both working full time as Early Childhood teachers at our International school. We all know Early Childhood is crazy just by itself – so throw in a book launch and it means that we can count on not getting those 8 hours of nightly sleep (well that never happens when you are a mum anyhow….)

Each night we were practicing how we would present our concept during our 30 minutes of fame up on the stage….. We looked like a lil comedy act sitting in the living room with the book, Monty Bear and all our props – with nothing but the sofa to present to.

Then the eve of the launch came and it was a sight to behold as we were packing up over 150 bears, backpacks and books. I never knew that 150 would be so bulky and with 5 large suitcases bursting to the brim – we were set to go.

The next day we were all ready to go at 7am with us loading everything into the van and heading off to The Singapore National Library.

When we arrived, it was a sweaty and fast paced hour where we had to set up our exhibit stall, organize the launch presentation and then change and look somewhat glamorous with a slick of lip gloss and a swipe of mascara.

Let The Book Launch Begin!

Then at 10:30am we had the Monty Bear team start to arrive and help us out with everything. I would love to say it all went smoothly and was perfect (but we all know that never happens in the real world.)Whilst it all did go really well and was amazing, the point where we realized it might not be all smooth sailing, was when the 150 helium balloons we specifically had our logo printed on, blown up and delivered to the site – then became loose when a huge gush of wind came through the plaza area – and were then caught up in the roof with no way to bring them back down. This was where you either laugh or cry…… We decided you had to laugh about it and remember to never order helium balloons when you are having an exhibit stall outside (inside only!).

The actual launch on the stage was great. Despite a few hiccups of the banner blowing down with the wind. The actual interaction from the audience and positive applause we received from everyone was amazing. That was the easy part, as that is what we do best as Early Childhood teachers.

It was so touching to see so many people come along to support us and give up their time on a weekend to be there. The lil community we have been a part of over the past 2 years here in Singapore is so supportive. It really meant so much to see friends even without kids, come along to let us know they are proud of us.

We couldn’t have done this without our team of Monty Bear Ambassadors

After the launch on stage, that is when it really became hectic. We are so thankful for our supportive husbands and teaching colleagues, who without even asking – offered to come and help with our exhibit stall and selling the packages to the audience.

To be honest, we felt like lil mini celebrities sitting there with a line of people wanting us to sign their books. So this is a glimpse of how J K Rowling feels at her book signings…lol…

The well wishes, messages of congratulations and positive comments were overwhelming and after a busy 2 hours, the crowds had all gone off for lunch. We were left to take a breath, wipe the sweat off our faces and reflect on what a success the day was. Phew……….

So it doesn’t all stop there……… Saturday was just the beginning of what we hope is going to be something huge. We are now busy over the next 2 weeks participating in author visits to various Early Childhood classes and the library at our school.

Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make this lil idea, become a reality and hopefully in the years to come be known as THE MONTY BEAR EMPIRE!