Bec and Belinda are teaching colleagues and friends who are very passionate about working with children and have been doing so all around the world for twenty plus years. Over the years the friends have witnessed many changes in the education sector and in the children they have taught. This has led to passionate discussions about issues in education and about the challenges children in todays world encounter.

One balmy night in Singapore, sitting on Bec’s balcony, they discovered a shared love of devising brilliant, often unconventional, ideas to address many of the issues they see every day with children. You see, they are both very creative and fearless after a few glasses of bubbles!

The friends realized that their shared passion for educating and supporting children could be used to create a positive tool for young children. (Read more about this in ‘The Monty Bear Story’).

Luckily their very talented and equally fearless friend, Zura, also thought it was a brilliant idea and joined the team to create the beautiful illustrations. In the true spirit of international mindedness, Zura has created the beautiful artwork for the books from America, Bec lives in Singapore and Belinda is about to relocate to Australia.

That is how the Monty Bear concept began!

Belinda, Bec and Zura’s vision for Monty Bear is to empower children to cope with and embrace change, seize opportunities and celebrate the amazing world they live in.