Monty Bear is a very sweet story that helped my child to feel comforted when he started school – which was a big change for him. The story resonated so well with him, as he also moved country at a young age. A lovely book for any child who is confronted with change and what strategies can be used to deal with the anxiety of change.

Evelyn BooklessPrimary teacher/ mother / published author (Ireland)

I shared the Monty Bear books with my own children, and it was perfect timing in the lead up to the roller coaster of emotions my son was feeling when he started his first day of school. In addition to the unique illustrations, the books helps children take ownership of feelings that they encounter at the tender ages of 4, 5, 6, how to understand them and then navigate them in a positive way.

Vanessa VershawPsychologist / mother / leadership coach/ published author (Australia)

The Monty Bear series of books and adorable Monty Bear plush toy have been an excellent tool and resource that I have used with students who are developing their emotional literacy. They relate well to the physical Monty Bear plush toy and books, when they are using various strategies and practicing their “belly breathes” to help self-regulate. They love seeing Monty Bear in the book and then in “real life”, they almost can’t believe that Monty Bear is in the book and outside the book. It really is helpful when the students actually have a physical Monty Bear toy to hold and be their confidant during times of anxiety and worry; it is a wonderful tool to share with my students. Monty Bear is always ready for a next adventure and empowers children to find the courage do the same.

Nicole BrandTeacher / Counsellor / Mindfulness Advocate / Workshop Presenter (South Africa)

Monty Bear is definitely one of the most popular books we have in our school library. The stories resonate with the students, as Monty Bear experiences the same feelings that they have in their every day life; from worry, to excitement, fear and anxiety. Monty Bear communicates a message to children that it this is ok to experience these feelings, and they like Monty, can use different strategies to help them feel calm and less anxious. I also like the concept of international mindedness as part of the story.  Monty Bear is a great role model who embraces change and is a risk taker, who seeks adventure all over the world. I wish Monty Bear was around when my own children were growing up.

Julie MuirInternational school librarian / mother (Australia)

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