Hello and welcome to Monty Bear.

Hopefully if you are visiting this page you have either bought a Monty Bear package or are thinking about it, so thank you! This is a new adventure for all of us and we are so grateful for your support.

Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about who we are and what we are about. I’m using the royal ‘we’ of course, as whilst Monty Bear is a collaboration of three friends, this blog will be just me writing, pontificating and trying to bring relevant articles to your attention, about the topics we are passionate about.

I tend to ramble… I think that is why Bec thought I’d be good at this!

To focus when writing these blog posts and not go off on a tangent, I am going to stick to our two main passions – Positive Education and International Mindedness. Literacy in the Early Years, permeates everything we do and so will inevitably feature often and be written about with great passion.

A little more about me than what’s on the website, www.montybear.com.au. I have been an early year’s teacher for twenty years and in that time, I have been passionate about education and working with children. I have worked in every school setting imaginable and learnt something from every experience. However, not one of these experiences was as amazing (or such a learning curve), as being a mother. My kids have introduced me to so much, taught me to view life from another perspective and challenged me more often than not! It was only when one of my own children experienced a life changing event and we as a family where all challenged to be more resilient and embrace change, that I consider my true passion became apparent to me.

As a mum, I was not happy with the advice or support I was getting to help my child and so I decided to find out the facts myself and the ways I could support her more. One of the areas of most interest to me was addressing her emotional and social needs. I began to read and find out about growth mindset, Mindfulness and Positive Education.

The interest in International Mindedness is a by-product of living abroad as an expat for most of my adult life and then bringing my children to Singapore to experience the same lifestyle. In my teaching and my travels, my eyes have been opened and my perceptions challenged and changed. I have been lucky enough to witness this with the children I teach and then with my own children. International Mindedness is so important for all children, regardless of where they live or their socio-economic background. But more on this topic later….

These events inspired me to write the Monty Bear books – a true and deep appreciation of children and a fire in my belly to empower them to embrace change and retain as much of their self as they possibly can in their journey through life.

You see I do ramble!

In the following posts, I am going to try and break down for you what Positive Education and International Mindedness is. Along the way I will share with you the joys and hiccups of self-publishing and the journey it has been for us to get to this point of our Monty Bear concept.

We hope you enjoy the posts and learn a little about us and the concepts behind the Monty Bear Series along the way.

Happy Reading!